Dominica for transforming Roseau into a modern and resilient capital

According to news outlet Dominica News Online, authorities aspire to transform this city into a contemporary and aesthetically attractive urban centre, through measures such as revitalizing roads and bridges, building pedestrian walkways and increasing lighting infrastructure.

In presenting the loan for approval before the Legislature, Secretary of the Treasury, Irving McIntyre, highlighted that the Executive Branch is making a concerted effort to ensure public safety, improve aesthetics, accessibility and connectivity, increase social interaction among communities and support the nation’s economic development. Island state.

The capital has benefited from these improvements, including the commissioning of three new bridges: the West, the Dominica-China Friendship Bridge, and the Goodwill Link Road.

The parliamentary representative for the central electoral district in the capital, Melissa Beaubon-Skerrit, believes that this is a long-awaited project that has been in preparation for many years, and its goal is to give new life to this city.

“Roseau is the beating heart of our nation, it is the face of Dominica and, therefore, should be able to reflect the incredible beauty found throughout our wonderful island,” he said when referring to the country’s oldest city as well. Its population is about 14,700 people.


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