“Do you work in finance?” the English Prime Minister asked a homeless man asking for food It sparked criticism in the United Kingdom

british prime minister, Rishi SunakHe came under fire after a homeless man at a charity center asked if he worked in finance and wanted to go into business.

Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs banker and one of the richest people in Britain, was serving breakfast at a homeless shelter in London when he started chatting with a man called Dean.

Do you work in finance?the Prime Minister asked the man at one point in the conversation, handing him a plate of sausages, toast and eggs. “No, I’m homeless,” the man replied. “I’m really homeless.”

The English minister added: “Do you wish to devote yourself to this?” “Yes, I don’t mind. But I want to have Christmas first,” Dean answered.

The exchange began when the homeless man asked Sunak if he was “fixing the economy” and after the man admitted he was interested in business and finance.

Opposition criticism

But the conversation sparked criticism from the opposition. Labor Party leader, Angela Rayner, subscriber He tweeted part of the exchange he described as “unbearable.”

For this part, Bill EstersonAnother labor legislator, It is considered Sunak is “out of touch with reality.” “It’s time for a general election.”

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Rishi Sunak, 42 years old, is leader of the Conservative Party. Last October, he was appointed Prime Minister of England after his sudden departure Liz Truss Just over a month after taking office.

He is of Indian origin, the grandson of immigrants from that country, and was educated in elite British schools. at the moment, He is one of the 250 richest people in the United KingdomWith a fortune estimated at $826 million.

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Snack He made his fortune working in the financial worldWith investment bank Goldman Sachs, hedge fund TCI and Theleme Partners.

He came to Parliament in the 2015 general election and voted for Brexit a year later. with Theresa May As Prime Minister, she took her first steps in government. The big leap was with Boris Johnsonwhom he had supported when the Conservative Party elected May’s replacement in 2019.

Johnson appointed him Secretary of the Treasury On the eve of the pandemic, February 2020, Minister of FinanceThis position surprised him because he did not hesitate to launch a strong support program for businesses and families, which made him very popular at the time.

When Liz Truss won against him in the internal election battle, her career appeared to be fading, but it began to resurface when the former minister presented her budget on 23 September. After about 45 days, the official submitted her resignation. Sunak won his second battle for the Conservative crown.

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