Diversity shouldn’t be about this.

Training, discipline and a lot of delivery. Ballet dancers who aspire to devote themselves professionally to classical ballet From a very young age, large doses of these three faculties are required to succeed, a credo that takes you to insane heights in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions in the art, British Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

So, the case Sophie Rebeccaa transgender woman who began dancing ballet at the age of 33 and who passed the RAD Intermediate exam with ‘merits’ in 2017, has raised eyebrows. A wave of anger among fans of this dance.

Numerous videos of Rebecca dancing, a former rally driver and IT graduate with a height of 1.90 meters, have caused astonishment among users on social networks. In them, the dancer’s movements are compared with those of the younger dancer and the movements of her companions during the performance. and the Variations in tempo, technique and harmony They are, at least, straightforward.

The age gap between the junior dancers — who usually start dancing even before they start elementary school and retire when they are 30 — and Rebecca — who started at 33 — has drawn a torrent of criticism for positive discrimination that illustrates the fact that the trans dancer was accepted despite her existence. Lack of talent. Diversity should be about finding quality artists from different backgrounds, not prioritizing mediocre artists because they have different backgrounds. Things like this hurt us all,” one user lamented.

Beyond reflection, the woman did not hesitate to reassert herself in the face of comments: “I encounter stereotypes all the time. People have this image in their heads if you say “ballet”. They have a belief that there is a ballet company or that it is delicate and feminine. She can be, but she can also be strong and powerful.

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