DIF Tabasco Semana M, with Activatom for the benefit of vulnerable people, has been closed

  • At exactly seven in the morning, the participants gathered in Ingudit Square, where they participated in macrogymnastics, and practiced sports activities such as: Zumba and kickboxing.
  • The whole family event had, among its purposes, physical exercise, to maintain good health; And contribute to a noble cause, by collecting diapers for each participant for older women who need them most.

The DIF Tabasco system closed on Saturday, week M, Mujeres Impulsando Mujeres, with the Activatom for a cause, headed by its president, Ms. Guadalupe Castro de Merino, in the arena of the Institute of Youth and Sports of Tabasco (Injudet), in Ciudad Deportiva, which started at seven in the morning with a large attendance.

In the physical activation, where Ingodit Director Jessica Mayo Aparicio, General Manager (Ingodit), was also present, a total gymnastics exercise was performed, in addition to a Zumba session and King Boxing training.

One of the objectives of this whole family event was physical exercise to maintain good health, as well as to contribute to a noble cause, which is to collect diapers for each participant for older women, who are in dire need of them.

On this occasion, Mrs. Guadalupe Castro de Merino thanked the participants for their contribution to this cause, to provide a more dignified life for vulnerable women and exercise for two hours, starting very early; And also Injudet, to make this event possible, which promotes physical health.

“With this activation, we conclude with the ‘Golden Brooch’, this M Week, an event organized with love, to promote women in their different aspects, and where we hold conferences, discussions, medical studies and activities aimed at self-improvement.” “For women, to empower them and enhance their capabilities, with the aim of shaping a better future.”

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In the same spirit, he said, Activatom was implemented, in order to enhance the quality of life, by enhancing the physical and mental well-being of women and families, which is the most valuable thing Tabasco has.

She stressed that in this event with a cause, she appreciates the generosity of those who responded to the call to donate diapers for older women. “Your solidarity will help us support those who are bedridden due to their physical condition, or have a disability, and for reasons of hygiene and health, diaper changes are necessary, which represents a significant cost, for those who “lack economic resources.”

“Thank you for contributing to DIF’s work to provide assistance to people in priority care, so they can have a more dignified life,” he said.

For her part, President Ingodit highlighted the importance of the event to raise awareness about good health and honored those who joined this campaign and were promoted to collect diapers for the elderly, who have less.

“I feel very happy to have you at home and I thank the President of the DIF Tabasco System for adding Injudet to these activities. This Activatom is the conclusion of Week M. I consider that physical activity is essential for the development of society. Especially for us women.

He determined that practicing some physical activity not only strengthens and contributes to the health of the body, but is also important for emotional health.

“Come, everyone, get rid of all the stress of the week, and enjoy this activity, which is for you, as it is a very successful way to channel the great loads of stress, which will be life, routine and our endeavours.” Encourage the participants.

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The president of Injudet stressed that physical exercise “makes us feel better, makes us feel happy, thanks to the endorphins that are released and without a doubt, it is a space that we allow ourselves and enhances our self-esteem. In this he said: “In this era, when we praise equality, we seek To promote equality at work and at home.

To perform this important exercise routine, attendees wore comfortable pink and purple sportswear.

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