Alonso was eliminated from Mexico’s second division

The new reality for Aston Martin The move to Q2 is a success. It seems harsh after spending most of the season competing for podiums and constantly getting into Q3, but the Brit’s lack of development has led to this situation.

After being excluded from the first division in the United States, there was a risk of the same happening in Mexico. However, strangely enough, there is an error Fernando Alonso Avoid disaster.

Asturian He spun in his final attempt to set a lap in Q1 Since he was one of the first in line, the yellow flag that caused this mistake destroyed the bosom of all his pursuers. Alonso, who had a good time, ended up passing.

Which, again, did not pass was Lance outing. The Canadian had a golden opportunity because he was one of the few who were not harmed by Alonso’s mistake, however He finished eighteenth Validation of Aston Martin’s current low level.

With such a situation, expectations for the second quarter were low and were confirmed. The Asturian recorded a very slow time on the first attempt with a used tire, and on the second with new tyres, things were no better. He lost a lot of time in the first sector with the long straight and He finished 14th despite losing the position due to Albon’s lap being cancelled.

This is the new reality for Aston Martin, as it celebrates qualification to Division Two as the majority of teams have become more competitive in this final stage of the season.

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