Diego Linez is being ridiculed in the United States with “wanted” signs

Diego Linez he is A target of ridicule in the United States with tags Most Wanted, Before the duel to be held Mexico soccer team in the neighboring country.

The giants clash ignited, because now the American fans threw an arrow at the Mexican player, Diego Linez.

On the streets of Ohio, you can see “Wanted” signs, ironically confirming that Lainez Only on the bench Real Betis He did not appear in matches.

“Disappeared. Did you see that boy? Age: I don’t know, like 12. He was last seen fixing his hair and on the Bettis bench,” read the signs circulating on the streets of the United States.

Guillermo Ochoa heats up the meeting with controversial statements

Undoubtedly the duel between Mexico and the United States It is one of the most anticipated because of the rivalry it represents. In this sense, goalkeeper TriAnd Guillermo Ochoa Send a strong message.

For Ochoa, Mexico has everything it has always wanted to copy The land of stars and stripes. As it was explained MLS Far from overtaking MX League.

“It is a rivalry and Mexico was that mirror in which they want to see themselves and reflect on, what they want to imitate. In Mexico we have a strong league, they have developed and improved a lot.” In an interview with TUDN.

“I think there is still a long way to go for MLS to catch up in Liga MX, we have grown a lot but the last Concampo champions are Mexican clubs. Not because the MLS team won, it means that he is close, he should be hitting numbers.”

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Martino’s nanny (Adrián Macías / Mexsport / MEXSPORT)

Mexico soccer team vs USA soccer team

Both teams will meet in CincinnatiI to fight octagonal leadership heading to 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

In addition to, Gerardo Martino I will seek revenge after they fell into Gold Cup 2021 and The League of NationsHe sought to achieve this victory and steadily advance to the world championship.

On his part, the American coach said, Greg Berhalter He stressed that the previous victories are not enough to earn the respect of the Aztec team, and therefore they will seek to win on Friday at home.

“With these two victories (the Nations League and the Gold Cup) is not enough to earn respect for us, we must win on Friday,” he added.

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