Diane sets off an alert for a new type of fraud with alleged shipments of packages from abroad

The National Directorate of Tax and Customs (Diane) this Monday – December 5 – issued an alert in the country for a new type of fraud emerging, in which some criminals use message systems and postal traffic to solicit money from people, impersonating friends, acquaintances and relatives, in exchange for deliveries that purportedly never arrive.

According to this entity, social networks, WhatsApp messages, and phone calls They are the channels through which unscrupulous people seek to impersonate relatives or friends to inform their victims that they have sent packages from abroad.

“In this type of scam, criminals send WhatsApp messages or make phone calls to indicate that money should be deposited into the accounts of natural persons. On some occasions, they intimidate their victims by suggesting that the packages contain Goods prohibited for import and that the Judicial Police, SIJIN or DIJIN are present at the airport to initiate criminal proceedings,” said Diane.

When it comes to taking care of cyber criminals, it is essential that you start by being wary of everything that goes up. – picture: Getty Images / Image Source

This customs authority confirmed that it “does not request money, does not send WhatsApp messages, does not make phone calls, and does not request sending consignments to the accounts of natural persons,” denying this campaign. Unscrupulous people navigate social networks and mobile messaging services.

Any doubt or irregularity in the PQRSD service (requests, complaints, claims, suggestions, reports) can be reported to this entity. “If you are a victim of fraud, report these facts to the appropriate authorities. If you have questions about parcels sent by postal transit method or urgent shipments, enter the portal of our organization dian.gov.co“, he added.

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For more information, those interested can call the call center line For customs care in Bogota 6013078065 or request an appointment at the new contact point of the Administrative Freight Center, through the scheduling service at the following link https://agendamientodigiturno.dian.gov.co/Diane said in a statement.

The National Tax and Customs Directorate has reminded the Colombians that all the procedures that take place in its various offices are free and do not require intermediaries, and for this reason I have repeated the invitation so that they do not believe in this type of message, but on the contrary. Report as soon as possible to the relevant authorities.

Cruel leak of WhatsApp users in Colombia

A group of cybercriminals managed to steal and More than 400 million phone numbers of WhatsApp users from around the world have been put up for sale.

Said information was shared on a forum used by hackers; This data is presented as a valuable resource to other cybercriminals who are dedicated to carrying out scams and cyberattacks.

According to an investigation by the Cybernews portal, an unknown hacker is selling Updated mobile numbers of nearly 500 million WhatsApp users.

According to the seller who posted the announcement on a hacker community forum, its database has phone numbers of users from 84 countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, Ghana, Lithuania, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cyprus, Tunisia, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and more.

The aforementioned portal report indicates that the set of data for sale is out With over 17 million phone numbers for Colombian citizens, Along with nearly ten million Russian citizens and more than eleven million from the United Kingdom.

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The information about the WhatsApp user numbers was published on November 16 through an announcement on BreachForums, a popular forum for the hacker community.

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