Cuba celebrates World Soil Day

Havana, December 5 (Prensa Latina) Today, Cuba celebrated World Soil Day with an event at the Ministry of Agriculture (MENAG) on the conservation of this natural resource, in which producers and officials from that organization participated.

Members of all soil polygons of the branch discussed, among the main aspects, the production of organic fertilizers in response to the shortage of imported fertilizers.

As part of the activities held on the occasion of World Soil Day (December 5), officials, managers and producers in the field visited the National Soil Farm, Organic Fertilizers and Derivatives Production Center and Kotoro Plant the day before. Cuban capital.

The Minag’s National Director of Soils and Fertilizers, Dagoberto Rodríguez, informs Prensa Latina that 210 polygons operate in the country, located in all municipalities.

The official also highlighted the importance of polygons for sustainable soil management and ensuring food and nutrition security.

For his part, the Director General of the Soil Research Institute, Luis Gomez, said that, in line with the slogan of this World Soil Day, this center held an event in November related to the use of nuclear techniques for quality assessment. of land in agricultural production areas.

He explained that the foregoing included the use of these techniques to assess soil erosion, water quality balance and the general fertility of the land.

World Soil Day 2022 and its Soils, Food Origins campaign, aim to raise awareness of the importance of this natural resource for food production, nutrition and optimal diets, while advocating for sustainable management that ensures soil health.

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