defeat in Austin against Monterey; Are you going to Ricardo Gareca?

The America Club Don’t raise her head in 2022, after a poor start Final tournamentwhich ended with the dismissal Santiago Solari. Although the team recovered in the last game, at home against TolucaThe US tour left two defeats against tigers And the Montereyfor this reason Ferdinand Ortiz He knows he has a lot of work to do to try and change the situation.

Anyway, it should be noted that scratchedIn Austin, the Argentine coach chose to shoot players who came without much activity, as well as youngsters who had the opportunity to add minutes with the first team. However, this does not justify A 2-1 defeat against Monterrey, where Miguel Laine was the goal scorer for Azulcrima.

Ricardo Gareca up?

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With Fernando Ortiz already confirmed until the end Closing 2022The bigger question is who will be on the bench from the next tournament. Nicholas Larcamon was the first target, but His departure from Puebla will not be an easy task And the Argentine does not want to neglect the good news for his team, so it seems unlikely that there will be any news in the short term. In the face of this situation, another Argentine name appeared, but with more international experience: Ricardo Gareca could receive an offer to lead the Eagles, If he fails to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with Peru.

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