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It is possible that you have downloaded many applications on your device with the operating system However, all of a sudden you no longer use a lot of these and the only thing they do is take up storage space, the logical thing is to delete them from Google Play or by pressing each app’s icon and waiting for the “Uninstall” option to appear, well, don’t do that on this Grammar anymore and learn the best way to delete unwanted apps and files you leave behind.

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Best way to remove apps

  • First, download the “Files by Google” app on your device AndroidYou can get it from the Google Play Store by clicking .
  • Open the application and tap on the “Clean” section, you can locate it in the lower left corner.
  • It will automatically open all “unused applications”, which you do not enter at all.
  • Select what you want and hit the “Uninstall” button below.
  • Finally, go back to the beginning of “Files Google” and if you left junk files in the system, you can also delete them, just click “Edit”.

Done, you won’t waste time anymore with the common methods of deleting all the apps that you don’t use. Moreover, Files is one of the best managers to explore and transfer files stored on your PC Android.

How to enable Safe Mode for Android

  • Press the physical on/off button for a few seconds, which is usually located on the right side.
  • You will get the options of “Power off”, “Restart” and “Emergency mode”, tap on the first option until “Safe mode” appears, tap on it. Also applies to tablets Android.
  • The mobile will restart automatically and the apps or widgets will not be available (they will be greyed out), as if you had turned on the phone for the first time.
  • What this mode will allow you to do is extract files to a computer, so as not to lose them, all this before making such drastic decisions as, for example, restoring Android to Factory Mode.
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