Deer UAEM with good results in Torneo del Pavo – El Sol de Cuernavaca

Morelos athletes in the powerlifting major, Vinadas of the Autonomous University of Morelos State (UAEM) do well in San Luis Potosi, highlighting Sofia Brito, a student at Puente de Extla High School, who suspended two bronze medals and a silver medal in the 71 kg category. Category 17 subcategories.

National Games medalist Conid Ricardo Sanchez also commented a bronze medal in the starting class method, the main section 61 kg for the Faculty of Applied Sports Sciences Alejandra Lubaton Beria and achieved a bronze medal in cleanliness and jerk as well as bronze in the total score is also from the Faculty of Applied Sports Sciences Division 76 kg sub 20 .

Elsie Contreras pinned a bronze medal in the snatch position, a bronze medal in cleanliness and jerk and a bronze medal in total, over 87kg division Sub-20 College of Chemical Sciences and Engineering Carlos Delgado 73kg division 6th overall public school 3rd place for springboard and 3rd for method the college.

Finally, Palam Brito took a bronze medal in the CAS runner-up in the 109kg Sub-20 sports section, Abraham Milan from the Polytechnics in the 96kg Sub-23 sports section, and sixth place Raimundo Sanchez. General Department 96 kg sub 20 of the College of Applied Sciences in Sports.

This illustrates the important work of leaders, coaches and athletes so that “Fuerza y ​​Corazón Venado” will continue to give such excellent results for the benefit of weightlifting and college sports.

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