Conacyt President agrees to dialogue with CIDE students

After a three-hour virtual meeting with part of the student community of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), Conacyt Director, Maria Elena Alvarez Boella, And he promised that on Thursday, December 9 at 4 pm, he will go to the foundation to support The first face-to-face dialogue table with the community.

In addition, the official promised to recognize the student movement as “legitimate” and issue a A public speech, neither persecution nor revenge against students.

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With a meeting announced just two hours ago and after several calls from the CIDE community for dialogue, this afternoon the Conacyt Chair met the students who were offered a “circular dialogue”.

the official Defended the appointment of Jose Antonio Romero Telici As director general of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), he was accused of wanting to delegitimize a process in which he asserted that there was no conflict of interest.

He emphasized that Romero Telici is an excellent academic and a high-ranking researcher. I made this decision with this standard of giving them an Academic General Manager. He emphasized that he is a completely independent and academic person with democratic thought and traditions, very close to listening to the opinions of students.

The student community demanded the immediate removal of Romero Telaicchi from the position of Director General of CIDE and with it a new process for electing a replacement, as well as for the announcement of the minutes of the extraordinary session at which the Board of Directors of the Academic Foundation appointed Romero Telaicchi.

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In addition to not retaliating for the exercise of their right to demonstrate, and the formation of a student council that participates in administrative processes and in decision-making in the research center.

During their participation, which Álvarez-Buylla constantly interrupted, the students criticized that the meeting was not with the entire community and that they were called separately.

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Owner of Conacyt They were asked to release CIDE facilities And that institutionalization is not broken. He denied that there was suppression or intention to confront society or any hidden intentions when making a separate call between undergraduate, master’s, graduate and academic students, and according to the fields of study.

After talking about his application form and asking when to come, Álvarez Bella answered the students that no circular dialogue could take place if demands were imposed; Accused that much of what has been said about the appointment of CIDE director Started from prejudice, that the media has manipulated the information and there Many interest groups.

One of the graduating students replied, “Sorry, but I am 20 years old, what interests or interest groups can I belong to, I am a student.”

“It is not an interest group that has mobilized, we are CIDE students. All the work of the movement was consulted with the community. Romero was imposed unilaterally, except for student voices,” one student expressed.

On several occasions, when students participated and questioned Álvarez-Boela about the request, the Principal of Conassett interrupted to lengthen her speech, even asking the students to allow them to end putting forth their opinions and to stop accusing them of belonging to “interest groups”. .

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Students responded that they wanted real dialogue, agreements, not sermons.

Alvarez Buella told them that they were not open to dialogue and that she was not there to discuss with a group of students claiming to represent the community, and that she wanted to hear from everyone.

The CIDE community made the release of utilities conditional More planned face-to-face dialogue.

Finally, the official promised to sign a letter of non-retaliation and meet with the students for a dialogue and start a negotiation process that would allow the conflict to be resolved.

On November 29, in an extraordinary session of the CIDE Board of Directors, in which a vote was not taken, Alvarez Boila José Antonio Romero Telaci was appointed Director General of CIDE.

The decision that was taken without listening to the students’ voice and in which the inner listening that showed less educational support for the economist was also ignored, caused the anger and annoyance of the students who peacefully took over the facilities of CIDE Santa Fe.

Since that day, both teachers and students have summoned Conacyt Principal and Romero Tellaeche to a table, but their invitations have been ignored.

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