David Cameron says relations between the UK and Europe have improved since Brexit

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert).

British Foreign Minister, David CameronToday, Thursday, he considered it a “mistake” to believe that after abandoning… European Unionhe United kingdom It must “recreate the same structures” with the societal bloc that existed before Britain’s exit from the European Union.

In a session before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the (upper) House of Lords, the former conservative prime minister appreciated the way his country is now coordinating, after its exit from the European Union, with Brussels.

Cameron described the current relations between his country and the 27 countries as “positive” and “functional” as the “tension and discomfort” that followed the 2016 referendum between the two parties had been eliminated.

He said that this new interaction “is achieving very good results” in areas of interest to the United Kingdom.

“From my point of view, we decided not to be members, but we could be friends, neighbors and partners and make this relationship work the best we can.”I noticed.

The post-Brexit relationship is “working, problems are being solved and opportunities are being exploited”, making it now “more effective”, according to the current head of British diplomacy.

Asked whether a more structured framework between the two blocs would be good for the country, Cameron said the “ad hoc” method of coordination between the two blocs “works well” and said it was “a mistake to think that after leaving the EU” in the bloc, we should Recreating the same structures we had when we were indoors.

In this sense, the “biggest challenge” that his country and the European Union have faced since their separation was “the illegal invasion of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, and that was in terms of the British, European and NATO response.” and international, with great success.

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Regarding the current conflict between Israel And episodeThe head of the Foreign Ministry said that the two-state solution “is still possible, but the path from where we are today has become very difficult.”

Cameron added that this path to a two-state solution must begin with a sustainable ceasefire agitation It is no longer in a position to repeat an attack like the one that occurred on October 7. Evie (Yo)

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