Dave Rowntree (Blore) selected: From now on, he can get into UK politics – until now

For once it seems so Rock FM The media goes public and tells you about the elections in the UK next January 28, 2025. But nothing could be further from the truth. What's happening is that we learned today that one of the members of… Blur His appearance in these elections presents himself as British Parliament candidate for the Labor Party.

This was announced on Wednesday Dave Rowntree, who will be running for Mid Sussex. In a statement to The Guardian, the artist said about his candidacy: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to become the first female Labor MP for Mid Sussex. “Residents have the best opportunity in a generation to get their votes counted and return a Labor MP to Parliament.”.

He went on to say that Conservatives are out of ideas The strength of the Liberal Democrats has been exhausted. “I am running for Parliament to provide the energy and vision the region desperately needs.”

Rowntree said on Twitter: “I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the UK Labor Party's candidate for Mid Sussex! Now the work begins“. In 2010, Rowntree lost his bid to become a Labor MP He represents the cities of London and Westminster. He served as Norwich University Ward Chancellor from 2017 to 2021.

English musicians and PL

Rowntree is now the latest musician to be chosen as a Labor candidate. in December, Guitarist Gomez President of iForce Academy, Tom Gray Eddie Izzard was defeated in his bid to be Labour's candidate for Brighton Pavilion at the next UK general election.

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Blur's last release was “Darren's song.”From 2023. In a four-star review of the LP, NME wrote: “Unlike many of their peers, Blur's album was by no means timeless; and that's a good thing. When you listen to 'Modern Life Is Rubbish' now, you might feel the contempt of the culture around it, or the intense confusion and pain of 1999's '13;' They have a way of transporting you to a specific moment or emotion.

The band will release a new documentary and concert about their big 2023 reunion later this year and will perform at Coachella in April.

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