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The former singer From Mercury Dany Merlo, he had to hit rock bottom to understand that the value of life lies in overcoming obstacles, expanding, learning from mistakes, and being born again. A slow, sometimes difficult process, and many introspective reflections that ultimately seek to make the present more bearable and plan for a better future.

After experiencing this transition after leaving mercury groupSinger wrote Book Dare, do it! (Aguilar) To make this process less complicated for other people who are going through times of crisis. It is an account of his own experience in work and personal life through which he seeks to help others move forward.

“20 years ago, I came up with the idea to create a file Book But I didn’t know what or how life put me in the circumstances and experiences that I have today with different inspiring stories communicating with people. They are true stories about that process that is sometimes experienced when you are up and others down. We all have a story to tell and there are certain ways to tell it and ways of how to communicate and understand the experience. east Book The author said in Interview.

Merlo admitted that he must have hit rock bottom when he left Mercury Music Group. He devoted himself to selling tacos at a street kiosk in the US without speaking or knowing English civilization. After a long process of assimilation and defining what he wanted for his life, work and career, he started his career in real estate where he was successful.

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“The strongest breaking point was the group’s departure, it was a big hit, getting off the stage selling tacos in a mobile takuya and giving value to the hard work of hundreds of thousands of people, and in an instant not only are you the strawberry man on stage, you literally have to burn your hands and you arrive in a country whose language you don’t speak, and I’m not saying this only happened to me, it’s a story we all relate to in some way, the point of this book is to make a retrospective review of your stories and see the successes and lessons of your past,” he added from the also curated post audiobook.

In the second half of the year, Danny Merlow will take over his title Book to large conferences. It will be a national and international tour in which he seeks to share his experiences with more people, and to some extent serves as a model. “Greatest Learning” Book I’ve been knowing myself, I’m exploring myself and accepting myself because it also helped me understand things later on. This book is those X-rays of the past that helped me connect with so many people,” he said.

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