Cuban planes heading to Nicaragua after the increase in US sanctions

the US sanctions on transport companies that facilitate the entry of illegal immigrants into the countryThis led to the airlines leaving the Havana-Managua route, which was apparently restored along with the Cuban government fleet.

Although the marketing of this type of flight has not been standardized, it is monitored through a flight tracking platform FlightAwareallows you to observe how AeroGaviota and Cubana de Aviación, the country's main operators, operate flights to the capital of Nicaragua.

The user of the social network known as Twitter “Falcon” asked: “Does the Cuban Communist Party so dare that it uses its private planes to transport Cubans into exile in the United States, via Managua, after the restrictions imposed by the President of the United States on airlines in the Dominican Republic?” “.

a A review on the aforementioned flight tracking app It turns out that the last flight operated by a Cuban airline was last Saturday, March 23, on that occasion, with a conventional flight ATR 42-500 from Cubana de Aviación and flight number CU-T1240, departing from Managua at 12:03 p.m. and arriving. At Havana's Jose Martí Airport at 4:57 p.m


Also with AerugaviotaOn March 19, the Cuban regime made a flight to Nicaragua, arriving at 10:29 a.m. and departing at 1:20 p.m.


last november, Air Century Companies based in the Dominican RepublicAnd Aruba AirlinesFlights from Cuba to Nicaragua were suspended after the US government announced sanctions on airlines. Charter Which facilitates illegal immigration.

The US government announced visa restrictions under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) “against owners, executives, and senior officials of companies offering charter flights to Nicaragua designed for use primarily by illegal immigrants to the United States.”

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A State Department statement said this would be just the beginning of a series of measures against charter airlines that “offer flights – and charge extortionate prices – putting migrants on a dangerous route over land.” border with the United States.

On February 21, The North American government has updated and expanded previously implemented procedures Exclusively for Nicaragua.

CBP disclosed this during February 2024 189,922 migrant encounters were recordedThis is one of the highest numbers recorded for February in recent years.

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