Copilot, the virtual assistant that helps you with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Terms like chatbot or generative AI are becoming more and more familiar to us, and it is also possible that we have tried some of them like ChatGPT or Gemini at some point; But there are many others. For example, Copilot, the AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Microsoft that, in addition to answering any question asked in natural language in real time or creating different content, facilitates many tasks when used with Microsoft 365 applications: PowerPoint, Excel, Word or… Outlook or Teams. To interact with it, you just have to type a question or describe what you naturally need – writing an email, summarizing or translating text, creating a presentation… – in the program or tool in which we use it. We explain what media it is available on and its most useful applications.

Where is Copilot's headquarters?

Although it is possible to access this conversational AI by registering with a Microsoft account through its platform Web, which is also part of the Edge browser and is integrated directly into the Bing search engine. Thus, when we enter a search in its bar, both the results offered by the search engine and those provided by Copilot appear (on the right side of the screen), but if you prefer, it is possible to ask the chatbot to stop searching. In contrast, the solution is available as a mobile app for users of devices running the operating system internal control Department And Android.


Built into Microsoft 365

Those who have a subscription to work with Microsoft 365 office tools can check out the various features of Copilot to speed up their tasks and simplify some daily tasks. For example, in Excel, you have the ability to create complex formulas and improve data analysis; In Word, you can help write text and make suggestions to improve it; In PowerPoint contribute creative ideas and improve slide design; In Teams, it can be used to organize tasks or summarize conversations. Since this ecosystem works by synchronizing all the information in the user's Microsoft account (emails, contacts, calendar appointments, documents…), the uses of Copilot can cover many other options.

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Also in Windows 11

Microsoft developed Copilot as an intelligent virtual assistant that we can rely on for practically any action done through our computer. For this reason, it was also implemented at the end of last year in Windows 11, although we still have to wait for its official use in Europe due to legal restrictions. Its applications in this case go beyond finding updated information, creating content or translating texts, because by enabling it it is possible to manage different elements of the operating system just by asking it to activate dark mode, configure the Bluetooth connection, or change the screen settings… It also has the ability to open programs or applications and, through the use of specific commands, explain certain settings or provide suggestions to improve our user experience. By collecting all the information we provide and our search history, it leverages it to provide more personalized help.

To make all its apps and tools easier to access, Microsoft recently announced the creation of a dedicated key to activate Copilot on new Windows 11 PCs.


Assistant pilot for the university

Copilot also offers various benefits to teachers and college or higher education students who have this virtual assistant in their centers. Students can access AI chat to find information, solve mathematical doubts or find inspiration for any work. Meanwhile, in those programming training tasks, the assistant simplifies writing codes using natural language or explains different mathematical solutions step-by-step. In the case of teaching staff, through Microsoft 365 office solutions, AI helps optimize their time by collecting information or implementing more visually appealing projects.

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