Cuban Olympic Committee rejects boycott of Beijing 2022

HAVANA, Dec. 10 (PRENSA LATINA) The Cuban Olympic Committee (COC) today condemned the organized boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, as well as regretting that the purely political reasons cast a shadow over the global sporting context.

The Caribbean island body regretted the decision of several countries not to send diplomatic personnel to the scheduled fight in China, which affects “their delegations and the spirit of brotherhood and brotherhood of the event,” according to the letter posted on the JIT website page. .

The statement adds that “the Olympic movement has been able to overcome similar events in the relatively recent past, lessons that should benefit us in preserving the message of peace and the higher goals of the duels under the five rings.”

Similarly, the entity noted the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and highlighted the efforts made by the organizers to bring the upcoming exhibition to a safe port, even in times marked by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope for the success of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and also that the use of sporting events as platforms for reporting and lobbying for political aspects will stop once and for all,” the center said.

Although Cuba will not participate in the multidisciplinary competition, the entity has endorsed its “confidence in the role of the IOC” and in the value of “addressing inside and outside the Games what is related to the social and political environment that takes place”.

Despite the harassment, the day before its security, China confirmed its success in hosting the 24th Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing 2022, by rejecting a domino effect due to the lack of prominent figures from the United States – the main promoter – Canada, Australia and the United States. kingdom.

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However, he reiterated his refusal to politicize the meeting and promised countermeasures in response to the boycott, applying the argument that Beijing had committed alleged genocide, established re-education camps and abused ethnic groups in the Uyghur Autonomous Region in Xinjiang.

In this vein, the so-called Asian giant denied – and for a thousand times – the accusations and the alleged events in that region with a strong presence of Muslims, and predicted the failure of a campaign aimed at destroying the games that would overturn them. The capital to the only city to host both variants of the Olympic programme.

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