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Cuba condemns the attack on the Slovak Prime Minister

“Cuba condemns in the strongest terms the attack on the physical integrity of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Robert Fico,” the First Secretary of the Party Central Committee and the President of the Republic said on the social networking site X. Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez. He also expressed “on behalf of the Cuban people and the Cuban government our solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery.” On the same platform, Politburo member and advisor Bruno Rodriguez also condemned the criminal and despicable attack. (International Editorial)

BRICS Bank announces investment in Brazil’s reconstruction

The head of the New Development Bank of the BRICS, Dilma Rousseff, reported that the entity will allocate $1,115 million for the reconstruction of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, which was devastated by the worst floods in its history. Rousseff explained that the money that the bank will provide will help quickly rebuild urban infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and sewage systems, as well as invest in climate disaster prevention by the federal state. (Telesur)

Mexico will challenge home imprisonment of military members in Ayotzinapa case

The Mexican government has reported that it will appeal the decision imposing house arrest on eight of the 16 soldiers linked to the disappearance of 43 regular school students from Ayotzinapa, in Guerrero state. Mexican President Andres Manuel confirmed in a press conference: “We will appeal this decision, as we did in the case of Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam, and the Attorney General’s Office is doing the same, but there is a biased position from the judiciary.” Lopez Obrador. (Telesur)

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The United States threatens Georgia with sanctions due to a controversial law

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said the United States will have to “reconsider” its relations with Georgia if the controversial foreign agents bill, which has sparked mass protests, goes into effect. The spokeswoman said Washington was “deeply concerned” about the law, describing it as “Kremlin-style.” Jean-Pierre said that the bill “contradicts democratic values ​​and would further distance Georgia from the values ​​of the European Union, and let us not forget also about NATO.” (t t)

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