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The Ministry of Health (Minsa), through the General Office for International Technical Cooperation, and the UK Embassy have highlighted the importance of primary health care in the context of COVID-19. This was during a virtual conference in which various experts on the subject participated.

The meeting included a presentation by Ali Spark, Deputy Director of Contracts and Incentives at the National Health Service (NHS) in England, who spoke about “Restoring primary care in a pandemic“.

“During the pandemic, the medical staff is tired of the high demand for people infected with the coronavirus. There is a lot that needs to be done to improve First level of care We want quick access to information and support from professionals so we can do that patient attendance “And avoid having a long waiting list,” Ali Spark said.

Likewise, there was an exhibition before doctora Minal Bakhai, Deputy Director and Clinical Director of Digital Primary Care, who spoke about primary care digital access models.

According to Bachai, the arrival of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has forced people, companies and institutions to adapt to health measures, so that Digital tools were key To continue caring for patients who cannot stop receiving medical advice.

“There were key factors that allowed the implementation of technology in a new way of working and living in society, for example, the social aspect was important to us Quickly adapt to remote workSaid Manal Bakhai.

However, he stated that digital tools must be designed for universal access. “There is a gap between people Hearing and visual impairments who also need to access consultations digitally and should work for them,” the specialist added.

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Conference chaired by Dr. Fernando Carboni CampoverdeAdviser to the Ministerial Office of the Health Sector; the doctor Zarella Solis Vasquez, Director General of the Office of International Technical Cooperation in Minsa; and the UK Ambassador to Peru, Kate Harrison, which highlighted the importance of restoring primary health care.

In the UK, we put science at the heart of our strategy to respond to the COVID-19 virus. Our health systems are very different, but we have a common challenge. Harrison said sharing lessons and good practices is a good opportunity.

For his part, Carboni said: “From this crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have to come out together, the world has to come out simultaneously, We have to take care of each other It is up to us to make that happen.”

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