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This Monday, May 24th, Colombia celebrated that cyclist Egan Bernal He won the 16th stage by Giro d’Italia, which added to the friction between his rivals and Confirmation of their leadership In the race.

This Monday became the theater No. 31 That the country has won in the history of the competition. Thanks to this, Colombia climbed to the “top” of the countries that won the most stages in the Giro.

In the 112 years of this race’s existence, 35 countries had at least one stage winner.

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The country that “takes the lead” in terms of the stages that have been won is Italy, With 1275 victoriesThe number is enormous, because Belgium is ranked second (159). And the third, Spain (110); The fourth is France (68) and the fifth is Switzerland (57).

For their part, Germany and Australia emerged sixth and seventh, respectively, with each 37 Etapace.

The UK and Colombia share the same number: 31 stages have won.

This makes ours Ninth place From the list.

On his first Jiro, Egan won two stages.

To complete the list of 20 appear Holland (29), Russia (25), United States (14), Norway (12), Denmark (12), Luxembourg (12), Ukraine (11), Sweden (10), Czech Republic (9), Slovenia (8) Ireland (7).

According to ‘Eurosport’, the rider who won the most stages in the Giro d’Italia was Mario Cibolini (He raced between 1989 and 2005, although I did return for a very brief period of a few months in 2008), who won a total of 42 and was one of the best Italian runners in history.

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(We recommend: Vlasov does not roll his arm at Jiro.)

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For the 104th Corsa Rosa release, there are still five stages to play. This Tuesday, May 25th, it will be a rest day and it will be activity It will resume on Wednesday, With a highly finished stage.

Will this be Egan’s moment? So now it has Eight consecutive days Wearing the pink shirt, he is the leader of the youth ranking, is second in the mountain ranking and fifth in the points classification.

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