A virtual initiative for reading children is promoted in Bolivia – Prensa Latina

The initiative, responsible for the Scenealmargen art collection, will spread the habit of reading among new generations and will add support for the Spanish Cultural Center in La Paz along with the Municipal Competitive Fund for Cultures and Arts.

Starting on June 2, the project will present seven stories of Bolivian literature with the voices of famous storytellers such as Maria Luc, Raul Beltran, Sergio Rios, Bernardo Rosado, Edith Negron, Roberto Espinal and Liliana de la Quintana.

We discover the richness of our Bolivian children’s literature. Director and actress Virginia Perez said that having stories in Aymara, Quechua and Guarani accomplishes another goal, and that is diversity, which prevails in the selected works and in those who read the stories.

Perez stressed that the initiative will continue beyond digital platforms to take it to schools, and that literature teachers can publish in their classrooms.

The cultural activity includes creative, innovative and complementary materials for children who have little or no access to libraries, physically or virtually, and whose educational processes have been affected by the health crisis of Covid-19.

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