Conversations in Freedom: Early Elections in the United Kingdom

We spoke with Mr. Angel Idigoras, former TVE UK correspondent, about the current situation in the British country and the reasons that prompted them to call for early general elections.

in Dialogues on freedom We talked to M. Angel EdagorasWho was he TVE UK correspondent We analyzed the dissolution of the British Parliament on May 30 in order to hold the general election on July 4.

Who called these elections? British Conservative Party It may be surprising, given that opinion polls predict that they could lose the election by 20 points, although everything seems to indicate that their call may be a result of various political and institutional factors that the UK is experiencing, among them health. It is worth highlighting King Charles III.

On the other hand, both The UK’s role in European securitythe Consequences of Britain’s exit from the European Union Its need to continue to maintain its strategic alliance as the preferred ally of the United States are factors that will be decisive in the future. Especially if there is a change in course, due to the many mistakes caused by the positions of the Torres Party in recent years.

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