Confirm the positive impact of anti-Covid-19 restrictions in Ecuador – Prensa Latina

Among the areas in which the authorities recorded improvements were those related to hospitalization for the disease and the rate of injuries, which, she noted, saw a gradual decline during the four weekends of total confinement.

In this regard, Juan Zapata, Director of the Integrated Security System ECU 911 and President of COE, said that the tendency to reduce positive cases at that stage, which ended at 05:00 this day, is 45 percent in relation to the period before the curfew was implemented.

According to their details, for the first time during the entire epidemic, the coronavirus replication rate has fallen below one.

For his part, Ricardo Vezuela, an official at the Ministry of Health, indicated that the waiting list for the intensive care unit (ICU) bed decreased from 414 patients to only 191 patients in the facilities of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute.

Likewise, he determined that the occupancy rate of intensive care beds decreased from 94.5 per cent to 92.05, and for hospitalization, it increased from 71 to 63 per cent.

“We have had a tendency to improve in terms of controlling the epidemic,” he reassured and urged residents to maintain biosecurity measures such as social distancing, frequent hand washing and use of masks.

Other positive aspects that were highlighted include fewer reports of violations during the emergency such as throwing parties at home, alcohol abuse in public places, crowds or scandals.

Although the total curfew ends at the weekend, movement restrictions remain in effect this week until next Thursday, when the state of emergency ends.

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Zapata noted that from that moment on, the Council of Europe in the canton would be responsible for maintaining control to avoid further outbreaks, which called on the country’s 221 mayors to set special standards to respect low capacity and avoid clusters, among other sources of infection. .

Official statistics revealed that Ecuador today has reached 410,000 870 people infected with SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.


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