Computer Security | Cyber ​​criminals target several UK schools with ransomware

Dozens of schools have been hit hard because of a Internet attack from Ransomware Affect approx 40 thousand studentsAccording to the Harris Federation, it is an educational charity. The British non-governmental educational organization that has it 37,000 students In 50 primary and secondary schools in London And Essex, He mentioned that he suffered from a computer attack that caused A. Impact on all of our academies.

“As it happened in the NHS in 2017, in the local government and at least three other school groups in March alone, we were unfortunately the target of a particularly fierce ransom attack.”A spokesman said. Educational institution staff spotted the attack on Saturday and spent the weekend trying to solve it, but the academies remain open.

In a statement to parents, the organization said: “A ransomware attack means that cyber criminals have gained access to our IT systems and have encrypted or hidden their content.”


Ransomware attack is a method for hacking documents and host systems using encryption where the attackers request a file “rescue” To edit files.

The affected NGO is working with a specialized company of consultants Cyber ​​technologyThe UK’s National Crime Agency and the National Cybersecurity Center.

As a precaution, the academies’ phone and email systems have been temporarily suspended, along with any student-owned devices from the Harris Union.

The UK’s National Cybersecurity Center has published a warning warning of a “greater number” of attacks of this kind since the end of February, and has also advised organizations to consult A guide to mitigating malware and ransomware attacks.

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