Stampede, 45 killed in funeral of ex-Tanzanian president |


Dodoma, March 30 (Prinsa Latina), A stampede to see the coffin of former president John Magufuli killed 45 people at Uhuru Stadium, in Dar es Salaam, during the funeral, Tanzanian police confirmed today.

Police Chief Lazaro said these victims are not criminals, they went to the stadium to express their love for the commander, but since the number of people was overwhelming, some were impatient and chose to use informal entries to enter the venue. Mambusasa.

The General Force confirmed that hundreds of mourners tried to forcefully enter the sports facility on March 21 to revive their recent views of Magufuli, four days after the sudden death of the former president due to heart problems.

Mambusasa said all of the injured in the stampede – 37 in total – are progressing well and some have already been discharged after receiving care at various medical centers.

Among the victims was a family in which five were killed: Gerald Mati lost Susan Ndana Mouta who was crushed by the crowd with her two children, Nathan and Natalia, who were only six and five years old, respectively.

Also, two of his nephews, Michael and Chris, aged eight and 11, and nephews who lived with him in the same building died in the Kimara Moishu neighborhood in Dar es Salaam.

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