Colombia entered into a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom

The President Evan Duquemet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of his working visit to the United Kingdom. During the meeting, the two leaders formalized Entry into force of the free trade agreementafter Colombia has completed all internal constitutional and legal procedures.

“The country has completed all its internal constitutional and legal procedures for the entry into force of this free trade agreement, The mechanism was reached after the two countries decided to maintain tariff preferencesSince the time of the so-called Brexit, through diplomatic notes for six months,” Casa de Nariño reported.

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The Colombian president revealed on his Twitter account that “during a working visit to London we had Nice meeting with UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. We touch on the formalization of the FTA, the energy transition, combating the climate crisis, migration and security, and taking our bilateral relations to the highest levels.”

The government also learned that the bilateral dialogue for the entry into force of the treaty focused on chapters such as Data protection, infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, life sciences, financial services and creative industries.

According to official figures, the The United Kingdom is the third country investing in Colombia, With a cumulative figure of US$22.6 trillion, between 2001 and 2021. Only Last year, the investment amounted to 402.4 million US dollars.

After this meeting, it is expected that, in the next few hours, Colombia becomes the first country From the world to sign the so-called Buckenham Palace United Wildlife Proclamation for which President Duque He will hold meetings with the largest contributors and donors of this country, in the environmental projects of Colombia and with the authorities of the British Government.

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will also talk to Alok Sharma, President of the 26th session of the Conference of the Partieson the importance of mobilizing climate finance at scale to accelerate Colombia’s transition to a green future.

In this meeting Three joint initiatives between the public and private sectors will be announcedand helping mobilize funding to support emissions reductions, sustainable growth and the protection of Colombia’s biodiversity.

Next to, Chief Duke and Sharma It will highlight the launch of 19 new, transformative and innovative projects, To support the priorities of climate action in ColombiaNariño’s house revealed.

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