Colombia and the United Kingdom sign a Memorandum of Understanding to promote rail revitalization

Manager Agency National Infrastructure (ANI), William Camargoand delegates from the Ministry of Transport, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Kingdom that would open the door to greater cooperation on rail infrastructure.

In this regard, the Minister of Transport, Guillermo Reyes, highlighted the experience of the British state in this field and its strategic role. “By revitalizing the railway sector, Colombia has the potential to meet important challenges in terms of poverty reduction, competitiveness and climate change mitigation,” manifested.

The ratification of the document also strengthens bilateral relations, promotes mutual economic development and promotes the social and environmental benefits of a modern and sustainable transportation infrastructure.

The visit of the Colombian delegation, which was invited by the British Embassy in Colombia and Crossrail International, marks a milestone in the bilateral efforts in recent years to make the revitalization of the country’s railways an opportunity for transformation and a new step in the SDG agenda.

This joint work has also made it possible to strengthen relations between these two countries, through the transfer of knowledge and cooperation with experts and local companies.

UK, the investment protagonist

In the past five years, the UK government has invested more than €10 million in strategic technical assistance for the infrastructure sector in Colombia, with a particular focus on gender and inclusion, energy transition and sustainability.

Thanks to this agenda between the two countries, a solid portfolio of infrastructure projects has been created for Colombia, the implementation of which will require investments of between 3 and 4 billion euros.

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