Colin Firth was fired from the saga with a perfect outcome: he was going to become the protagonist, but he had to leave in the middle of production – Film News

The actor and director discovered too late that he didn’t fit into the beloved character in this two-part franchise.

Colin Firth did it all in the movie. work with kingAnd musicals with Mama Mia!Comedy with Bridget Jones’s Diarydrama with single man…He even won an Oscar for his work in… King’s speech. However, his filmography could have added an epic score with a perfect score, however He was fired In the middle of producing the first delivery.

The actor signed on to be the protagonist PaddingtonA film about the wonderful British bear. Halfway through filming, Firth and director Paul King realized this The voice actor wasn’t working. The news of the artist’s farewell was announced in June 2014, after the release of the first trailer for the film.

“After a period of denial, we decided to consciously separate.”Firth said in E.W.. The actor continued: “It was fun to watch this beautiful creature take shape and realize that he simply didn’t have my voice.”

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As he concluded:

I’ve had the pleasure of watching most of the movie and it’s going to be great. I still feel protective of this bear and pester everyone with suggestions to find a worthy voice

Finally, that “worthy voice” was that of Ben Whishaw, who you will know from his playing s In an epic James Bond Starring Daniel Craig.

King, the film’s director, stressed that the separation was an amicable one: “I can’t thank Firth enough for his contribution to Paddington. We loved the sound and we loved the bear, but when our little bear was born we agreed that the two just didn’t seem to fit together.. “So, with a somewhat heavy heart, we have decided to part ways.”

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“The most beautiful sound on the planet”

Later, the director talked a little more about what happened. “I love Colin and we got along very well. He came in and worked with the other actors, which I think was very helpful for them. But when the character came out visually, I suddenly realized, ‘This is a young creature.’ “Somehow, I didn’t have his voice.” . “I’m having a hard time finding his voice,” I remember him saying. I said, “Is he younger? Is he more enthusiastic?” Little by little it becomes clear that Paddington does not have the voice of a very handsome old man with the most beautiful voice on the planet.“.

She filmed the film, but was fired in post-production: Scarlett Johansson became her understudy and played one of her best roles.

Firth is not the only case where an actor has been fired after doing a bit of work in a film. The most extreme example is that of Samantha Morton, who was fired from her job Ha After shooting the entire movie. Scarlett Johansson replaced her as the voice of the artificial intelligence with whom the protagonist falls in love.

Paddington It was a pleasant surprise. The film received very good reviews and its second part was released in 2017. Paddington 2, which received a better score than its predecessor. In fact, the saga about the cute bear received an excellent score Rotten tomatoes. The first one has 97% From a specialized press note and its sequel, A 99%. third batch, Paddington 3will arrive in UK cinemas at the end of 2024.

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The two deliveries Paddington Available in HBO Max.

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