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The third and final installment of the thrilling action saga ‘The Equalizer’ has had fans excited ever since the trailer debuted. With a cast led by the talented Denzel Washington, what really wowed audiences was the unexpected appearance of Dakota Fanning, who Washington worked with in Man on Fire (2004). That’s why The Vigilante 3 promises to be an epic moment in the history of action cinema and has already begun to pay off with major global box office hits in its first weekend of release.

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“The Equalizer” or “El justiciero”, translated into Spanish, focuses on the story of Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), a former intelligence agent who uses his exceptional skills to help people in situations of danger and achieve justice. The previous films in the series followed the character as he battled criminals and fought for justice.

How much has “The Vigilante 3” collected worldwide?

Upon its theatrical release on September 1, the film emerged as a box office phenomenon, according to numbers published by Comscore . That’s more than $60 million in revenue between September 1 and September 3, during which time “The Vigilante 3” surpassed “Oppenheimer” with an additional $5 million in revenue.

film 3 days (world) Cumulative world
Guardian 3 $60.6 million $60.6 million
Oppenheimer $55.2 million $55.2 million
Barbie $23.8 million $1.3 billion
No more bets $16.7 million $504.9 million
Big tourism $15.2 million $78.9 million
Blue beetle $12.2 million $101.8 million
Megalodon 2 $11.4 million $375.5 million
Freedom’s voice $10.7 million $151.3 million
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem $10.1 million $151.3 million
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The first two The Vigilante films grossed approximately $192.3 million and $190.4 million worldwide in 2014 and 2018, in each case. However, the numbers led to questions about whether the third installment would be quite as successful, given that the series did not achieve the same impact as the other films.

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However, all doubts seem to have been put to rest, because “The Vigilante 3” set a record-breaking first weekend for the series. Of this estimated $60 million, $34.5 million comes from North America (the United States and Canada), where it was Labor Day weekend. Additionally, there is $26.1 million in 49 global markets.

It should be noted that the film has not yet been shown in Latin America.

The film topped the global box office last weekend and outpaced the competition, with a 19% increase in international opening over its predecessor and a staggering 29% increase in comparable markets. This shows that Antoine Fuqua’s saga still has strong appeal among film viewers around the world.

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in The Vigilante 3.

On the other hand, it collected an average of $15.6 million in Europe. The United Kingdom and Ireland contributed significantly with $3.5 million, thanks in part to lower prices offered on National Film Day.

Ultimately, the film topped the box office in France with an estimated $2.8 million. In Germany, 2.4 million dollars, and in Spain, 1.7 million dollars. In Asia-Pacific, it debuted with $5.7 million: in Australia, it took in $2.3 million, while in the Middle East, it was estimated at $4.7 million, with Saudi Arabia being the main contributor with $1.6 million.

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“The Vigilante” has yet to be released in Mexico and Brazil until October 5th. These are the major markets, as well as Japan and South Korea on October 6 and 20, respectively.

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