Chilean Congress approves a law against murderers

According to the text, if two or more people agree that one of them will kill a third party for a wage or reward, they will be punished for the crime of hitting the man, regardless of whether the crime was committed.

The act of conspiracy with the aim of depriving another person of life for economic benefit or of any kind shall be punished with imprisonment from three years and one day up to five years.

When the act is committed, the penalty ranges from 15 to 20 years in prison, going up to life imprisonment.

The punishment will be stronger if the victim is a judge in the criminal branch, a public defender, a prosecutor, a police officer and other members of law enforcement bodies killed as a result of their services.

The law was approved by a majority of 35 votes and referred to the executive branch for promulgation.

This legal instrument is part of the 31 security projects agreed between the National Congress and the government to try to solve the problem of the increase in crime and which will be discussed and approved in the short and medium term.

A few hours ago it was also agreed to give more powers to the police in the fight against irregular immigration and the vote is expected to make entering Chilean territory without documents a crime.

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