Chelsea ran out of credit cards due to sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine

The English bank Barclays has frozen Chelsea’s accounts and temporarily disabled their cards due to measures imposed by the British government on the club and its owner, Roman Abramovich.

English Bank Barclays froze Chelsea accounts and temporarily deactivated their credit cards For the sanctions imposed by the British government on the club and its owner, Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea, who cannot conduct operations with players or enter money through a sale goods And tickets, it got special permission from the government to be able to continue working and pay its employees, but Barclays Bank is waiting for confirmation that it can allow them to withdraw the money without breaching UK sanctions.

This has left Chelsea in a very awkward position, like Many club employees who have Barclays cards cannot use themIn addition, the club cannot pay salaries without access to those accounts.

Despite the moment everyone passes by blueAt the club, they are confident that the situation will improve soon and that the government will allow them to continue the sale, which will dismiss Abramovich’s team and allow him to return to normal.

Chelsea beat Norwich City on Thursday and will face Newcastle United at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, their first home game since the restrictions were imposed. As governed by the government, Chelsea will only be able to spend £500,000, on catering, security and cleaning concepts, for home games, plus the fact that only members and those who have purchased tickets before March 10 will be able to attend.

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