Champions! USA wins W Gold Cup title

to choose United State He won the final Gold Cup W After defeating Brazil 1-0, in a contested confrontation that saved the honor of the host team, after the defeat it suffered in the tournament. Group stage against Mexico.

The North American team struggled to gain possession of the ball in the first half, and the Brazilians ran and pressed every play to make things difficult for them. But the ones he directs Twyla Kilgore They maintained order, did not give up, and used long shots to force conditions through fast play.

In a counterattack in the 45th minute. Emily Fox focus for Lindsay HoranWho penetrated the Brazilian net with a header that left no chance for goalkeeper Luciana.

Trinity Rodman I received the defenders and took them quickly, waited for Fox to rest and then the captain scored the only goal of the match. This was key for the USA to catch its breath and manage the game at its own pace in the second half.

The South American team competed head-to-head against the local team, but the strength was not in their favor. approach Kilgore with Horan And Alex Morgan He was key to giving the team clarity in attack.

To continue, they left the field Morgan And Rose Lavelletwo players who gave depth to the home team.

Lynn Williams And What's good? They entered the relay and revived the American team while they were on the Canarinha team, Gabe Nunes And Beatrice They did not go out at that time. Enter Debinha And Antonia It was too late, because those led by Kilgore were no longer lending them the ball.

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Williams was repeating the second when the assistant marked him in place and silenced the commotion in the stands. Debinha took a free kick in the 90th minute, but his shot was unsuccessful and sent the equalizer over the crossbar.

This tournament was an intensive preparation for the teams that will participate in the tournament Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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