Champions League Final will be attended by 16,500 spectators | Football Sports

UEFA announced the opening of ticket sales, with 6,000 finalists assigned to each team, plus invitations and 1,700 for the ‘general public’.

Up to 16,500 spectators will be able to attend the Champions League Final in Porto on Saturday Between Chelsea and Manchester City, a 33% of the stadium’s capacityUEFA announced Tuesday after the opening of the ticket sales.

For this match, tentatively planned in Istanbul and relocated in mid-May to allow English fan movement, UEFA awarded 6,000 tickets to each finalist.

In these 12,000 Traditional invitations will be added, as will “1,700 tickets reserved for the general public”.“According to the principle of first-come, first-served,” said the European Football Association (UEFA), which has been sold from Tuesday at 12:00 GMT.

The Prices are divided into four categoriesRanging from € 70 to € 600 ($ 85-735).

Because of the epidemic, Entry into the stadium will be conditional on ‘negative COVID-19 testing’ UEFA said that foreign spectators “must respect the conditions of entry into the territory.”

Like PUrtugal is on the “Green List” of the British authorities, English players or fans will not be isolated upon their return.

To celebrate the most anticipated match of the season, UEFA had to find a solution as the UK imposed tight travel restrictions on Turkey on May 7.

Chelsea beat Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final which both will play

The European Union has made it possible to play the final in EnglandBut the British government needed to allow the media, officials and guests to enter its territory without quarantine.

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Finally, the UEFA chose Porto. This will be the second year in a row that Portugal has hosted the Champions League result. In 2020, Lisbon organized the “Eighth Final”, with eight teams playing one match for the Cup. (Dr)

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