Celebrating the International Day of African Culture in Latin America – Juventud Rebelde

Today, many Latin American countries are joining the virtual Dale Más Afro festival, held as part of the international celebration on this date of the Day of African and Afro-descendant Culture, Prensa Latina reported.

According to him, the event seeks to highlight the contribution of black descendants that have been erased throughout history.

On the occasion of that date, the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists stressed in a statement the special significance of the island’s artistic movement, given the origins of the national identity.

According to the PL, from Spain, the SADC is promoting the Firm with Africa event that supports the heritage of its people through music and dance initiatives in Nelson Mandela Square.

He added that the Institute for Training Specialized in Human Rights in Mexico, for its part, is holding the main conference of the researcher, Citali Kica, who will talk about the rights of people of African descent.

In 2019, UNESCO adopted the 24th of January as the International Day of Culture for African and People of African Descent, and it was chosen because on the same date in 2006, Heads of State and Government of the African Union adopted the Charter for Cultural Renaissance for Africa.

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