Caution to avoid overburdening health centers and hospitals in Puerto Rico

Thousands of people come to emergency rooms for testing

Louis Binchy

December 30, 2021 | | reading time: 2 minutes

Jaime Bla, president of the Puerto Rican Hospital Association.

The Puerto Rican Hospital Association, which today reached 366 hospitalizations for COVID-19, reiterated its appeal today to warn patients not to crowd health facilities in search of a test for the virus, while a group of Nurses reported severe deficiency Personal.

Jaime Pla, president of the organization, asked the public not to immediately go to emergency rooms when they feel symptoms that could be related to COVID and to consult their doctor first.

Plá acknowledged that thousands of people come to emergency rooms to get a test that turns out to be positive or negative for the infection, at a time when labs are full and reagents are in short supply.

“If they get to our rooms, we will bring them because they will need four or five hours for treatment because we will have to screen them not only against COVID-19, but also against other conditions:,” Plá said in an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

within Independent group of nurses I mentioned this morning Severe shortage of workers Health in hospitals and stated that these facilities are not prepared for the possibility of a re-emergence of the epidemic.

Hospitals laid off dozens of health workers two years ago, due to the lack of occupancy in their facilities as a result of The appearance of the first variable COVID-19 which forced the complete closure and the cancellation of elective operations.

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The nurses claim that these workers were never hired despite the fact that The government offered emergency aid on site.

Juan Carlos del Valle, a spokesman for the group of professionals, said that hospitals trust Low level of positivity Those who had the islet and when they reached more than 30 percent of their infection level, “were surprised by their tight pants.”