Carnival of Opportunities Column Colin Martin Reynolds

It is a comfort to meet again outside virtual space, which is why on my visit to Barranquilla I met again with friends, strengthened our relations by signing the agreement between this city and Aberdeen, and here I share some of our two-working achievements.

This agreement aims to accelerate the energy transition process, and share knowledge about clean growth, trade development and investment opportunities. In this way we demonstrate the UK’s interest in continuing to build strong relations between the two countries.

Britain’s Prosperity Program has invested about 31.5 billion pesos in 15 pilot and technical cooperation projects to encourage efficient and sustainable agricultural production, inclusive economic growth and boost innovation and competitiveness in the country.

In alliance with the Atlántico government, the creation of the Atlantic Agro Logistics (DAL) region is supported, a center for the transformation of agricultural products, with a focus on economic inclusion and gender equality, revitalizing the agricultural potential of the Department and the Caribbean. Provide a business model for small farmers to access these services.

From the investment trade, we seek to increase the competitiveness of the region through the exchange of knowledge, experience and the high quality of British products and services. Business and investment opportunities are constantly being sought as British companies and investors are actively involved.

UK Export Finance, the UK’s export credit agency, has approached Barranquilla region authorities to participate in the Matrix of Urban and Social Development, with the Arena del Río project developers, with whom we aspire to strengthen the supply chain with a pipeline of more than £4 billion arranged for Colombia.

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The Chevening Scholarship Program continues to sponsor Colombians who wish to study in the UK and make positive changes in the country and impact on their communities.

Over the past few years, we have received many orders from the Atlantic and Caribbean region. We want this number to grow because these grantees stand out for their commitment to their region. Many work in the public and private sectors.

Education is the medium of change, so we created humming for change, An environmental education strategy that targets children, youth, teachers and parents and seeks to see a more sustainable future.

This year we celebrate Ukcol 2021, an opportunity to expand our cooperation, create future job opportunities and forge new links with game changers Tomorrow we add more and more to #ThePowerofPartnership!

* British Ambassador to Colombia

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