Alejandro Amenabar presents La Fortuna in San Sebastian – El Sol de Mexico

Foot: Stanley Tucci and Alvaro Mel star in the story

Fact: The series is based on the comedy The Black Swan Treasure, and will be released in Latin America until next year

Saint Sebastian. By venturing into the world of TV series with wealth, presented at the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spanish-Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Amenbar, spoke of this combination and emphasized that “it is not good that we are so entrenched in our bubble, in our world”.

“We see it in the world of politics, but I also wanted to reflect it in the series,” the director said of the project for the six 45-minute episodes, which will be distributed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Latin. America, the Caribbean and Associated Territories, thanks to an agreement signed by Movistar + and the American company AMC Studios, in the first quarter of 2022.

The series is based on the graphic novel black swan treasure Written by Paco Roca and diplomat and writer Guillermo Corral, Aminbar argued that although we “relied on comedy, we flew free and the characters are completely fictional.”

In production, Alex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, is inadvertently turned into the leader of a mission that will test all his convictions: recover the underwater treasure stolen by Frank Wilde, an adventurer who travels the world and plunders a common heritage from the depths of the sea.

Forming a unique team with Lucia, a military officer to take him on, and Jonas Pierce, a brilliant American lawyer with a passion for ancient pirate stories, Alex will embark on his life’s adventure, discovering the importance of love, friendship and commitment to what one believes in.

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For Aminbar, the series, which stars Stanley Tucci and Alvaro Mill, as well as actresses T’Nia Miller and Ana Polvorosa, “seeks to show how, sometimes, unknown people from institutions that present many problems fight for the right thing and ultimately Things are going well.”

He noted, “The story is set in two worlds, the North American world and the Spanish and Latin world; I wanted to play with this and give some touches to these two cultures; in the Spanish case, the heroes are civil servants and I wanted unknown people fighting. Lorca said he would prefer a good Chinese over a bad Spaniard.” And the film highlights people who do things well and in this case it is made from Spain, but it could be from any other country.”

Being his first TV series, he claimed that the process was similar to that of making a movie. “The phenomenon of film directors making television and vice versa is not new, in fact the deceased director Mario Camus made the leap to television, to miniseries,” he said.

He noted that although “we assume that the form of the chapters should have an entity in itself, with good endings to connect the scenes, when implementing the series, we implemented a process similar to that of the film.”

On how to shoot in Spanish and English, the director emphasized that “when there is a will to communicate, things go well,” although he admitted that directing is more difficult when he does not use his mother tongue, which requires nuances.

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A winner of nine Goya Awards and an Oscar, Amenábar wrote the scripts for his seven films and composed almost all of the soundtracks for those films, although the composition in this case is by Roque Baños, who he previously worked with.

The director said that his relationship with film music goes back to his childhood, and as soon as possible, he bought the soundtrack “like a possessed man.” Later, director Jose Luis Cuerda suggested that he make the soundtrack for his first film “and I encouraged him more than once.”

However, for wealth He had Baños, because he understands “well with him, he is very generous and allows you to participate in his creative process.”

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