Candidate Keiko Fujimori seeks to annul a large number of votes in Peru – Prensa Latina

In a conference with the foreign press, Fujimori said that the aim of the meeting was to draw the attention of the “international community” to the recent dangerous events and reiterated his accusation of alleged fraud at the voting tables accusing Peru Libre, the Citadel party.

The daughter of former governor Alberto Fujimori, who is imprisoned for crimes against humanity, has been repeatedly asked about the problems of legitimacy his supposed government would have, by nullifying the 200,000 citizens’ votes contained in the voting records seeking to have them repealed.

He responded only by insisting that the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE) should rule on his accusations to confirm who won the poll last Sunday, saying he was fighting a “battle against communism” and alluding to alleged foreign interference without providing evidence.

Almost all election experts agree that it is not appropriate to scrap the transcript due to the challenges of Fuerza Popular, the Fujimori party, with polling station member signatures looking somewhat different from the originals.

Also today, the electoral jury in Lima dismissed a set of these appeals, arguing that the jurisprudence indicated that they were errors, and because the signatories were approved by the authorities who conducted the elections.

Fujimori also criticized JNE for pulling back yesterday the extension of the deadline for filing revocation requests, which FP had requested because when the legal deadline expired, last Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., only a portion of Fujimori’s more than 800 appeals had been filed. Delivered.

The leader’s political spokesman, Miguel Torres, questioned the decision and said the Freedom Party would appeal against it because it was “organizational” and above it the “right to the truth”, even though the election deadlines are not subject to change.

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The candidate has repeatedly said that she will abide by what the JNE specifies, although in a focus on her part she contacted many of her followers, many of whom carried posters with a picture of the president of that court, Jorge Salas, and a book outside the JNE’.

In turn, Torres announced that the Freedom Party would appeal against all negative decisions of regional electoral juries as it demands that the JNE define them, prolonging the tense wait for the final results.

While Fujimori’s followers demonstrated in favor of her claims, Castillo, many of them from the inside, gathered in the center of Plaza San Martín to demand recognition of their leader’s victory.


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