They consider the Palestinian issue central to the future of the Middle East

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to delay resolving the Palestinian issue or replace it with partial settlements are failed attempts that will only deepen and exacerbate the situation.

He stressed that “Netanyahu deliberately and systematically ignores the Palestinian issue and the strategic advantages that its solution will have on the security and stability of the region and the world.”

The memorandum accused the prime minister of trying to change priorities in the region to serve the interests of the colonial occupation.

He warned that the goal is to gain more time to complete the Judaization of Jerusalem and the annexation of the West Bank.

In another statement yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the systematic and constructive expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which contravenes various UN Security Council resolutions.

He also criticized the escalation of settler attacks on the Palestinians, their lands, livestock, properties, and holy places in the West Bank, including the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem.

He warned that the deepening and expansion of settlements is a deliberate sabotage of any opportunity to establish a Palestinian state on the land and a violation of international norms.


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