Camacho confirms government exhibitions important sporting achievements in nine months

The Minister of Sports and Recreation Francisco Camacho confirmed, on Tuesday, that the government headed by President Luis Abenader made important sporting achievements in the first nine months, and excluded the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) from talking about this sector (sports) because the administrations have few achievements to display.

He argued that “the facts show that in just nine months the government of Louis Abenader and our Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) have made many achievements to showcase and showcase for the benefit of the national sport, in the midst of the epidemic caused by the coronavirus. And with far fewer resources than those managed by the PLD administrations”

He stressed that “it was President Abenader who saved the Dominican’s main pastime, baseball, by celebrating the 2020-21 Autumn-Winter Pro Championship”, amid the outbreak of the pandemic.

He asserted that the previous PLD government left the Puerto Plata Sports Center in a state of complete abandonment, “completely devastated”, causing the Huracans de Atlantico franchise to leave the National Basketball Association (LNB) for several years. This facility as a place to play; Same with that city’s top tournament.

The official said, “President Abenader and the Ministry of Sports are the ones who ordered the complete renovation and renovation of the Puerto Plata Sports Center, and restored the joy and splendor of sports in that province,” noting that the president himself led the inauguration of the Puerto Plata Sports Center. This attachment.

Likewise, it specified that the Head of State also inaugurated the works to renovate the inner roof of the San Lazzaro Club, carried out by the Ministry of Sports.

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In continuation of the achievements of the government of Luis Abenader in the field of sport, he cited the celebration in the country at the end of last November of the “Bubble” of the Basketball Championship of the Americas FIBA ​​(America’s Cup), which was held in a hotel in Punta Cana.

Along the same lines, he stressed that within nine months more than 400 sports works across national geography had been rehabilitated, budgetary autonomy had been restored to the national sports federations, and financial resources for preparation and preparation had been deposited in record time beforehand. The participation of the Dominican delegations that will represent the country in the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the Pan-American Youth Olympic Games to be held in Colombia.

He pointed out that the Abenader government ordered the rescue of the La Barranqueta sports complex in Santiago after previous administrations had abandoned it to their fate, and today it is being transformed into a sports development center for the northern region. The Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in the capital was fully lit, as was the Parque del Este.

He stressed that “the Olympic villages that house our athletes and coaches, after checking the state of deterioration in which we found them, were immediately helped and placed in the best conditions.”

bike path مسار

He announced that the Ministry of Sports will resolve the situation around the cyclists’ track located at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, “but not because the PLD demands it, but because it is part of the policy of this institution to confront and resolve any situation that could affect the national sport.”

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With this arrangement, Camacho added: “We were surprised that the PLD called a press conference to demand a solution to the bike path and they didn’t, for example, cheer for a Dominican baseball team that had a great performance at the Americas Olympics that took place in Florida, USA recently.

“We haven’t seen that organization congratulate the Dominican athletes who have already qualified for the Olympics,” Camacho said, and said the PLD wanted to absolutely politicize a sports issue, for which the Sports Ministry had a workable, harmonious solution.

“It is unfortunate that the party that has just emerged from power is appealing to such dubious maneuvers to disrupt the administration of the new government that has been focused from day one on saving sports across the country.

“The national priority is to confront Covid-19 and we have turned the Olympic Center into one of the main vaccination centers for the general population, and before that we have vaccinated all the athletes,” the minister said.

“We advise PLD to reorient its priorities in the midst of a pandemic affecting humanity, and to search for important topics of discussion that seem to be missing.

“The Women’s Superior Basketball Championship for the National District, which San Lázaro declared champion, has not been held for 10 years and this government encouraged its resumption, and the men’s championship succeeded in crowning Mauricio Baez. Camacho stressed that these are part of the things they should pay tribute to and that We did it in just nine months.

“His statements are full of lies and distortions and are out of context,” Camacho added in response to the PLD Sports Committee’s statements.

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“Proof of this is a video clip circulating on the networks about an unfortunate incident involving ex-basketball player Manuel Fortuna, or an event not related to the Ministry of Sports, or to the pricocross track, or also an event that did not take place at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. This situation happened. In the Villa Joanna sector. Another example of PLD attempts to distort the truth, but in doing so they only made it visible,” he said.

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