Buy online and collect in store, a service already offered by one of two companies

Health restrictions that impose closures to limit capacity or limit the movement of people have forced us in many cases to change the way we buy what we need. Also on sale, even so it does not cease to amaze One in two companies already offers an alternative to buying online and picking up in store. Specifically, Spain has 48%, similar to France at 40% or the UK at 51%.

Restaurants base it with their takeaway service, where it is located The customer orders and receives the order. But also many other food companies or all kinds of items, from craft or repair work to sports or entertainment. Perhaps this is why that Percentage increase Be very cool in our country.

This question is very common to be available to customers if we already have an online store. In this way in many cases shipping costs are saved Collect their purchases at a time that interests them the most, Without needing to know your distributors. But in traditional commerce, many do not own an online store.

Likewise, to start it, it is not absolutely necessary that you have this channel. Many companies, even before the coronavirus crisis, had already offered it to their regular customers as a way to prepare their orders and avoid waiting in line. We order via WhatsApp, collect and pay when we get home.

In other cases, tools like Bizum have become the ideal way to pay for Further ease the bargain. But in all cases it is imperative to have the trust of the client. And this is something that local companies have a lot easier than selling online, because they are much closer to their customers.

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The positive part is that consumers are loyal and take advantage of the moments when not much of an audience is flocked to prepare these orders. he is Direction that is here to stay In many cases, because it represents more convenience for the customer and also faster order collection.

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