Bulgaria tries to ease tension in new legislative elections – Prensa Latina

A total of 6.7 million voters were registered to go to the polls, three months after former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov won 26 percent in a similar election, but ultimately failed due to internal divisions.

None of the six parties that fought for victory after that have reached the majority needed to rule. After three attempts, the chamber was dissolved and Bulgarian President Rumen Radev called for elections.

Last May, the president warned of the potential for a “political and constitutional crisis” of lack of progress on consensus.

According to polls, the voting intentions of the two main contenders, Slavy Trifonov, from the newly formed People’s Party, and Boyko Borissov, from Citizens for European Development (GERB), are completely equal.

Both formations could reach 20 or 21 percent of the vote, although polls such as Markt Linske predict a slight advantage of just one point for the EU Ennahda candidate, who has been in power for 12 years.

Some analysts estimate that Sunday’s election will serve as a further dressing up for the struggle between traditional and newly created parties, stemming from last year’s popular protests against corruption and calling for regime change.

In addition to having such a people who took second place in the vote last April on the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, democratic, conservative Bulgaria emerged, and rise up, Bulgaria! ¡Mafioso Out! , is considered the center left.

Trifonov presented to the press his desire to form an alliance with these two new formations and refused any alliance with the traditional parties.

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