Bukele is absent from the Health Candidate Forum

Joel Sanchez (Arena), Luis Parada (Nostro Tempo), Manuel Flores (FMLN), José Renderos (Fuerza Solidaria) and Marina Murillo (FPS) participated in the event organized by the Faculty of Medicine of El Salvador, who promoted their health proposals. .

A spokesman for the medical school said that Bukele, who had a seat reserved like the other presidential candidates, did not attend the debate and his party had not contacted organizers.

Flores, the Farabundo Martí Front candidate, said that the “most important” thing for him is family, which is why he stressed that his “healthy family program is based on people's participation in disease prevention.”

He stressed that his plan contains 45 measures, including the construction of the Rosales Hospital and the Children's Hospital of the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security (ISSS) and the abolition of the value-added tax on medicines, among other measures.

He accused Bukele's government of carrying out “cosmetic work” in the field of health and handling information according to “propaganda” and unscientific standards.

For his part, Nuestro Tiempo candidate Luis Parada accused Bukele of being an “immature dictator” as he showed by allowing “students and doctors to be expelled without giving them due process just because they don't dare to think like a dictator.” “

He also accused the president of exploiting the state of emergency imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic “to obtain three billion dollars without accountability so that his loved ones could do big business.”

Parada emphasized that the health system is fragmented, and as a first measure, he proposed increasing investment in health to six percent of GDP, focusing on prevention and a procurement system based on patients' needs. the doctors.

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Candidate Joel Sanchez, R-Arena, spoke about change. “We must change the way things are done, less supply and more work, and that is why parties must invest in health,” he noted.

Last night, Health Minister Francisco Alabi stressed that under the current government the country is ready to provide quality and effective care to the population.


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