Buap offers the College of Agricultural and Livestock Sciences

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University Council The Meritorious Independent University of Puebla BUAP unanimously agreed to convert the College of Agricultural Engineering into College of Agricultural and Animal SciencesWith the aim of strengthening and consolidating multidisciplinary educational services.

Armando Ibanez Martinez, Director of the Academic Unit based in Teziutlan, explained that the approval of the institution’s highest governing body is More than just a name change It will translate into academic improvements and a larger number of students.

The name change aims to give it a better identity that encompasses all of its educational programs. With this name, the dedication of our faculty and the tremendous development in the near future is determined, ”said Ibanez-Martinez.

For her part, the Head of the Vice-Chancellor for Teaching the highest House of Studies, Maria del Carmen Martinez Reyes, explained that with the new name of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Livestock, Facilitate seeing activities That is performed in the academic unit.

“This adaptation corresponds to the current academic situation, which reflects the importance of the productive and social environment in the region in which it is located. In this context, the importance of integrating the terms of agricultural sciences and livestock in the name of the faculty was verified, which are terms that facilitate the visibility of the various disciplinary activities undertaken by them. Teachers, researchers and college students. This update is expected to have a positive impact on the recognition of the educational offer by applicants. This proposal is more than a management change and aims to increase access to knowledge.

On the other hand, during the session of the University Council, President of the Supreme House of Studies, Alfonso Esparza Ortiz, said, Six new university advisors protestedThese are the six managers who won the academic unit elections on December 7, 2020.

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In the virtual session, the directors who joined the institution’s highest governing body are: Martha Alicia Palomino, Director of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Jorge Raul Serna Curtis, Director of the School of Chemical Sciences; Maria Guadalupe Tita Vazquez, Director of the School of Chemical Engineering; Celso Perez, Director of the College of Languages; Fernando Utrera Quintana, Director of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Sciences; David Raul Aguilar Moctezuma, Principal of Simon Bolivar Regional High School.


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