The Chihuahua Prize 2022 is being awarded at Casa Redonda – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The 2022 Chihuahua Vanguardia Arts and Sciences Prize will be presented on December 13 at the Casa Redonda facilities. In addition to the honors, the seven winners also receive an incentive of 100,000 pesos.

As Luis Alfonso Rivera Campos, Rector of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Director of the Faculty of Arts, Jesus Xavier Venegas; The commander of the Fifth Military Region, Luis Zeffirino Martínez, and Alejandra Enriquez Gutierrez, Minister of Culture, were present.

The Minister of Culture, who congratulated the award winners, acknowledging their merit, “their work brings an end to the state of Chihuahua” stressing that they continue to contribute so that arts and culture can continue to grow.

In the Biological Sciences category, Amado Javier Sardiña Peña won for his research “An alternative to producing natural sugars with a low glycemic index, suitable for diabetics and athletes”.

While working in the social sciences, Paula Castillo-Nevarez won the award with “artistic research focused on the creation of an interdisciplinary musical work, based on texts by poets in the indigenous languages ​​of Chihuahua.”

In artistic categories: in literature, focusing on playwriting, the award goes to Valeria Edith Laura Gutierrez for “Los locos de Alcalá”; in Visual Arts, Watercolor Technique, César Santiago de la Riva Molina with “Todos los caminos”; In music was Fernando Abaroa Willis for his composition “Wérachi”.

Francisco Javier Arroyo Ortega was the winner in the journalism category with the report “Migration to the North: The Path to Life”. In Performing Arts, Dance, Edwin was the master of Franco’s Chaparro, for his proposal “Transfiguration”.

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With a total of 41 copies, this award is considered the most important honor bestowed by the state, the winner being awarded an economic incentive of 100,000 pesos in each discipline.

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To select the prizes, a committee was needed to select the laureates, and these were by category: in the social sciences Dulce García, Antonio Rodriguez and Carla Torres; in biological sciences; Froylan Espinoza, Carlos Escudero, and David Ortiz; Literature by Amaranta Osorio, Nora Cos, and Jorge Fabregas.

On the other hand, in Technological Sciences Liliana Aguilar Lobo, Armando Campos Rodríguez and Efrén Aguilar Garnica; in music by Jorge Ritter, Ivan Naranjo, and Erica Vega; in the visual arts Cecilia Barreto Aguilar, Demian Flores, and Sophia Echeverria; for the performing arts, Talia Hinojosa, Gasil Neary, and Carlos Corral; and in the press by Baltazar Domínguez, Ariel González, and Virginia Bautista.

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