British environmental group resumes street protests in London – Prensa Latina

About 60 protesters blocked car traffic on Monday at three major intersections in the City of London, the UK and Europe’s most important financial district, the organization said in a statement.

Insulate Britain decided 10 days ago to suspend its closure of roads and highways in this capital to give the government time to comply with its request, but now it has warned that they will not stand idly by while “our children are being killed”.

In an open letter then addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the activists called on the Conservative governor to make a public statement saying he would fulfill his responsibility to protect citizens from the effects of climate change.

Resuming his street protest on Monday, British Institute spokesman Liam Norton accused the authorities of betraying the public.

The spokesperson, who urged residents to join this form of nonviolent civil resistance, said they are in fact taking a path that will lead to the deaths of millions of people, which is genocide.

According to Insulate Britain, at least 8,500 people die every winter in the UK because homes are not adequately equipped for heating.

It also confirms that the amount of one million and 700 thousand dollars announced by the government for this purpose represents only 0.2 percent of the amount required to improve the insulation of 29 million homes in the country.

Monday is the 18th that environmentalists are causing chaos in vehicles in and out of London, although the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, warned days earlier that protesters could be jailed for up to six months or fined unlimited amounts.

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The protest also comes a week after the start of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, or COP26, in the Scottish city of Glasgow, where world leaders are expected to make viable commitments to halt global warming.

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