British elections | Cruzcampo infiltrates the UK election campaign

Cruzcampo infiltrates the UK election campaignDPA via Europe Press

Cruzcampo is breaking records in the UK, it’s a factSeville beer is already in 10,000 pieces It is sold in 68% of its supermarkets within one year. Now too, He sneaks into an interview with the Prime Minister And the candidate for re-election is Rishi Sunak.


The British Conservative leader gave an interview Monday on Sky News He denies rumors about his possible resignation. The leader rejected this possibility and pointed this out “Excited by the vision” his training suggests Which, he defended, has “tremendous support” for the policies it proposes.

The situation is not surprising in the British island, where Seville beer is found in bars and rooftops in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester, with a recipe with a slightly lower alcohol content (4.4 proof) to adapt to English. Saxon taste without losing its essence. Even in symbolic places like the cavewhere legend the Beatles, There is a Cruzcampo tap Which they already used Approximately 25,000 pints (More than 250 barrels in one year).

Opinion polls predict a Labor victory

Sunak did not attend last Thursday The main commemoration event was the anniversary of the Normandy landingsWhich sparked many criticisms. The Prime Minister apologized for his absence and admitted that it was a “mistake”, but this adds up Bad results predicted by the ballot boxes They raised rumors about his possible resignation before the elections were held.

The Prime Minister spoke to the media in a bar in the south of the island Next to him was the new Cruzcampo shooter.which became Beer beer that has grown at a faster rate In the UK, supported by a favorable context with growing demand for high-quality international beers.

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The United Kingdom is scheduled to hold early elections on July 4. Sunak confirmed the decision after holding a meeting in Downing Street with his cabinet ministers on May 22. With this progress, the conservative Prime Minister is trying to do just that Take advantage of the economy’s momentum She is showing minor symptoms of recovery and the recent measures approved in immigration matters, including the plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, although she is currently… Opinion polls still place him far behind Labour.

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