Brincos Dieras hospitalized with emergency US – Fox Sports

he tumbler Brinkos Deras was urgently hospitalized due to health complications he presented during his US tour.

was in your account Twitter That the medical report provided the comedian’s time, all via his acting company, which explained when his show was delayed Detroit, Michigan.

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The event was well underway and ready to start, when the comedian had to go to the hospital in an emergency to be attended to by the medical staff. Elite entertainment And You will jump We sincerely apologize and thank you for your understanding. We will announce on social networks the date of rescheduling the show.

Roberto CarlosBrincos Dieras, known as Brincos Dieras, has scheduled dates in North American locations such as Kansas City, Oklahoma, and Houston.

What happened to the directorates of Brinkus and why was he promoted in the hospital?

After hours, Princeius Deras He gave a medical part, revealing the reason for his hospitalization: “Thank you so much to everyone who worried about me. I’m fine! Don’t listen to the fake news that’s going around; for now, I have to rest so that next weekend I can do what I love so much,” Share the clown on social networks.

You will jump He had heatstroke and had to be treated for a severe stomach infection, all of that Detroit Where you received medical attention.

Dera jumps upShe rose to fame when many of her clips were shared on social networks, and she was also the hero in references to memes or jokes that went viral on the net.

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He’s even been the one to star in a viral special of Chivas de Guadalajara in the past.

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