Brexit has strained relations with the UK after the expulsion of a Spanish national

eviction United kingdom The case of a Spanish national, on December 26, reopened doubts and tensions over the case once again Britain's exit from the European Union. Maria(34 years old, (a fictitious name because she does not want to reveal her real identity) is detained in… London Luton Airport When he returned from spending a few days with his family MalagaAccording to British media reports guardian.

“I'm back Spain Because my sister had a little girl, and after four days at Luton airport they took me to the holding room, took my things and my phone and told me to wait there. Speaking to the British media, the young woman explained: “They left me there all night and then put me on a plane.”

eviction United kingdom He left Maria He is in shock and does not understand the decision when he receives the papers proving that he actually works and resides in the country. The woman had previously applied for a… Settlement program in it United kingdomknown as European Union settlement plan (EUSS), targeting citizens European Union Who resided in the country before December 31, 2020, and which were launched before Britain's exit from the European Union.

It is a procedure that seeks to ensure that Citizens of the community in which he resided United kingdom Before 2020, they will not lose their rights to reside, work, and access public services. Although it is her own account MariaHis initial application was denied in June for lack of evidence, he then appealed the decision and was awaiting trial Administrative review When she was fired. The Spanish woman found herself in a legal dilemma, and she had a document from British Home Office This allowed him to work while his case was being reviewed.

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However, upon arrival at London airport, border officials did not accept the documents they had approved in August. “He told me that I was wasting my time, and that it was not true that I could work,” he explains. Maria. “I was supposed to go back to work, but now my life is gone. All my stuff is in United kingdom: My dog, my car. I was doing a course in veterinary nursing, which was my dream. “If I try to come back, it will be worse,” he lamented.

Case arrived Ministry of Foreign Affairs And its owner, Jose Manuel AlbarezClarifications were requested from United kingdom To expel the Spanish citizen. The minister expressed confidence that the matter was a “specific event.” Albaris confirmed that as soon as he learned of the events, he issued “instructions to the General Directorate of Consuls to contact the British authorities.”

“I am currently asking for clarification of what could have happened,” Paris explained on Monday, explaining to the affected woman and all Spaniards residing in the United Kingdom that they “can rely” on the Foreign Ministry and on him “for their lives.” Defense and strict implementation of the agreements concluded between the United Kingdom and the European Union.” Britain's exit from the European Union. He added, “I want to think that this is a specific event and let us assume that it is a mistake,” stressing that the Foreign Ministry is in any case “above” what happened.

For his part, the official spokesman said: British Home Office He pointed out that “the first priority of the Border Guard”, which detained and expelled the Spanish woman, is to maintain the security of the British border. He stressed, “We will never make concessions in this regard,” explaining that his agents “may detain any arriving traveler for further examination if they are not convinced in the first place that he meets the entry conditions.” United kingdom After Britain leaves the European Union.

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The spokesman pointed out that “this decision was taken based on the information provided by the passenger, and not on the basis of his nationality,” clarifying that there is no other circumstance that justifies the action taken other than what was provided by the Spanish citizen.

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